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Video Game – Grunt GM

  • Developer: LMillz
  • Version:
  • Launch: Undetermined
  • Series: Grunt
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Theme: Medieval
  • Genre: RPG Adventure
  • Graphics: 2-Dimensional
  • Perspective: Top-Down
  • Gamemodes: Singleplayer

This is the GameMaker adaptation of my game concept “Grunt”. Way more in-depth than its Construct Classic variant; this particular version is unfinished at the moment. I do have a planned list of ideas and features to make this a fully playable game, but until time permits (or I can assemble some individuals to help with development), I am not able to complete it right now.

The current (beta) version of the game features:

  • a day/night system where the time affects gameplay
  • periodically changing weather 
  • sneaking (detection system has not been implemented yet)
  • a mini-map with compass-based tracking of objectives
  • the ability to sleep
  • multiple cheat codes
  • a riddle-based questline
  • sound effects

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Who was there along the way:
---Family - Beth Mills -R.I.P.-, Jake Mills, Mark Mills
---Friends - Amber Daly, Ashlie Moser, Avery Mooring, Bill Celestino, Brandy Parham, Christian Yanez, Cody Bottoms, Cynthia Cohen, Elizabeth Parker, Greg Eason, Jeana Parrish, Joshua Parrish, Justin Haden, Kelsey Stearns, Lisa Eason, Logan Celestino, Luke Eason, Mariah Bridges, Mark Hooker, Nora Eason, Patrick Whitehead, Randy Perry, Ryan Spivey, Thayer Fennell, Travis Pelles, Tyler Stone, Tyler Tomasino, Wilson Ellis

The reason I got into:
---Airsoft - Christian Yanez
---Bartending - Amber Daly
---Culinary - Beth Mills, Ryan Spivey
---Gaming - Jake Mills
---Vapes - Tyler Stone

Other Acknowledgements:
Andrew Small, Jarrett Hedgepeth, Jeremy Morris, Trent Mohrbutter

*more credits to be added*

© 2017 LMillz