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I began working on freelance design and development projects when I was about 14 years old. Throughout this time, I have taken on somewhat of a “jack-of all trades” role with them all; teaching myself everything that goes into my work along the way. This way I could retain a certain amount of personal engagement and expand my knowledge in any field I could; resulting in the broad assortment of projects populating this site. Although I have no “professional” experience or “educational” qualifications, I live by the modified concept that if you want something done right, do it yourself; and if you can’t do it yourself, teach yourself how to anyway. It is my (proven) opinion that you do not need these eligibilities to be a skilled designer/developer, nor does having them automatically make you one. I am very fond of the indie development industry and, as such, I am glad to be a part of it.

This section of is a frequently updated showcase; consisting of the various personal projects that, since the beginning, have reached some kind of finished state. These items include: games, websites, applications, assets, and much more.

This showcase also exhibits:

  • projects that I have collaborated on with other teams and individuals
  • contract work that I had been hired for
  • licensed projects that I have contributed to

Each item has a description, media, relevant links, and any additional information catered to it.

Be sure to check out the project section to see what I am working on now!

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Featured Item:

If you would like to include me on your team, I am always looking for new projects and people to get involved with.

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Who was there along the way:
---Family - Beth Mills -R.I.P.-, Jake Mills, Mark Mills
---Friends - Amber Daly, Ashlie Moser, Avery Mooring, Bill Celestino, Brandy Parham, Christian Yanez, Cody Bottoms, Cynthia Cohen, Elizabeth Parker, Greg Eason, Jeana Parrish, Joshua Parrish, Justin Haden, Kelsey Stearns, Lisa Eason, Logan Celestino, Luke Eason, Mariah Bridges, Mark Hooker, Nora Eason, Patrick Whitehead, Randy Perry, Ryan Spivey, Thayer Fennell, Travis Pelles, Tyler Stone, Tyler Tomasino, Wilson Ellis

The reason I got into:
---Airsoft - Christian Yanez
---Bartending - Amber Daly
---Culinary - Beth Mills, Ryan Spivey
---Gaming - Jake Mills
---Vapes - Tyler Stone

Other Acknowledgements:
Andrew Small, Jarrett Hedgepeth, Jeremy Morris, Trent Mohrbutter

*more credits to be added*

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